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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sequoia National Park

The Sequoia National Park is located in California's southern Sierra Nevada mountains. This is California's first national park,which was first established on September 25, 1890. This park is famous for the activities that can be done and the history behind the park, which is pretty fascinating. Before the park was established, Mono native Americans would settle in the park seasonally. They would leave by pictographs. To make visitors have the full experience, they carved a roadway into a large tree called tunnel log. The activities require you to take extra precaution. The weather varies widely at different elevations, so that means that storms can happen at any time of the year. You can do things such as day hiking, exploring giant sequoia groves, overnight wilderness trips, ranger led programs, and more. 300 kinds of wildlife live in the Sequoia. Black bears are usually high profile. There are also more than 1,500 plant species that can be found. How do these trees live so long anyways?They live so long because nothing kills them. Fires, diseases, and critters don't make much of a debt. Men weren't even able to use them. They tried years ago but these trees are so massive that when they would crash to the ground, they would splinter into a million pieces, which could be used as toothpicks.

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